Diamonds Plus Colorful Gems Equal Stunning Jewelry

Amethyst Ring - Eichhorn's Colorful Jewelry Available in Morgan Hill

Eichhorn Jewelry Adds a Flare of Color & Design

Eichhorn is a family owned and operated jewelry design and manufacturing company. And what colorful designs the have! They are extremely hands-on and personally choose each gem used in their designs. As they travel the world looking for exotic colors and inspiration for their designs, they rely on the relationships they have fostered over their many years in business. These connections grant Eichhorn access to otherwise rare and hard-to-find gemstones.

What Makes Eichhorn Jewelry so Special?

As particular as they are with their stones, Eichhorn pays even closer attention to their craftsmanship; after all, a ring is only as spectacular as its foundation allows. Year after year we see great new designs from Eichhorn and time after time our clients LOVE the Eichhorn pieces we carry at our Morgan Hill store.

Is there a particular gemstone you like to wear? Because of our longstanding relationship with Eichhorn we can work with them to get exactly what you desire. We would love to hear from you. Give us a call or stop by the store!


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