There are SO many wonderful people in our community and Cecelia Ponzini is one. A force of nature! The Edward Boss Prado Foundation/ Cecelia’s Closet and Food Pantry is doing WONDERFUL things for our local community. We thought you might want to know!

From their Facebook Page: “When the manager from an apartment calls and says they have 2 families that have absolutely no food for their children we bag it up right away… Did I ask for the family’s names absolutely not if their children are hungry the names don’t matter…dignity…”

Cecelia is always happy to express an abundance of generosity! She’s the first to acknowledge the foundation’s volunteers, supporters, and donors. And while many families who receive groceries from Cecelia’s Closet and Food Pantry are vocal about their gratitude and appreciation, she always takes great care to preserve the dignity of the families she serves.

Cecelia sees the inter-relatedness of all the moving pieces. Yes, members of the community play a vital role in the Foundation’s ability to do all it does, however, there’s something else. Cecelia understands how much MORE can be done when support agencies and non-profits actively support one another.

It’s a force multiplier!

Want to Help?

There are several ways!

If you would like to do a little something (or a big something) to lend your support to Cecelia in these efforts, you have a few options:

DONATE – It’s easy via the PayPal link on the Edward Boss Prado Foundation’s Website

MESSAGE – To learn more about how to volunteer or lend your talents to the cause, reach out via the Edward Boss Prado Foundation Facebook Page

CALL – (408) 670-0266

Where Did it All Begin?

Cecelia and her husband Gary started the Edward Boss Prado Foundation in 2013, to honor the memory of Cecelia’s son Edward Boss Prado. The foundation honors the values of generosity, sensitivity, and good neighbors.It is easy to see that everyone there works hard so folks get what they need. It’s this demonstration of kindness and care for area residents that really touched our heart. It seems they’re ALWAYS finding ways to be of service.

NO CHILD GOES UNFED PROGRAMS – Where any student who cannot afford it, will be provided lunch. Always, with the dignity of the student in mind and no questions are asked.

SHARE THE RUNWAY – Where they collect and donate Prom dresses and accessories.

CAMP FIRE DONATIONS – Where they reached out to the Camp Fire victims in Butte County in November 2018 and delivered needed supplies via Cecilia’s Closet and Food Pantry


“Another busy day so many families….absolutely No Contact…just a kick at the door & I’m gone…” – Cecelia Ponzini 4-4-20 via Facebook

Some of the Back-story

Gary Ponzini, as you likely know, owns Ponzini Community Garage and Towing at the corner of Monterey and Peebles here in Morgan Hill. What you may not know is just two years ago, Ponzini’s was selected by the Morgan Hill Chamber of Commerce as the Small Business of the Year.

There’s a lovely story in a great article, “Gracious Garage” at, about how Gary and Cecelia met. Here’s an excerpt:

The pairing of these two philanthropic minded individuals began 20 years ago with a job interview. ‘I was just looking for a job,’ Cecelia says. ‘I just applied and there’s this nice little man with these big glasses on. The interview went well, and I started working for him. He was nice and his father was nice.’

Cecelia and Gary reminisce that soon after she started, Fred (Gary’s Father) declared her the boss of the garage. ‘His dad told me, ‘OK you’re the boss,’ Cecelia says. ‘You’re the Queen Bee, and the name stuck.’

Five years after joining the garage Cecelia and Gary were married.
‘It worked out well—we balance,’ Cecelia says.”

“Food donated from Communities of Morgan Hill, Hollister, Gilroy, Sanmartin, This is What it looks like to support each other… Within different communities… We served over a 100 families yesterday and still serving…”

Cecelia’s Closet & Food Pantry

Through several local support services, like Rebekah’s Children Services and the Youth Alliance of Gilroy and Hollister, Cecelia finds out about challenged families that need food for their children.

The Edward Boss Prado Foundation/Cecelia’s Closet and Food Pantry also supports other non-profits. In turn, those non-profits support them right back by volunteering. On Facebook, Cecelia posted, “I’ve said it once I will say it again Nonprofits Supporting other Non Profits is what works! And that’s who we will continue to support.”

Everyone rolls up their sleeves to pitch in. If you look carefully in their Facebook posts, you’ll even see Shane Pasgrove, Morgan Hill’s new Interim Chief of Police, as he lends a helping hand to deliver groceries.

Grateful recipients of grocery deliveries often share heart-felt tokens of appreciation with Cecelia and her volunteers. Something as simple as a rock, hand-painted with a beautiful message puts a smile on Cecelia’s face and becomes a treasure she will keep forever.

Thanks to the generous donations that reach the Edward Boss Prado Foundation, Cecelia’s Closet and Food Pantry is able to provide the Mother, who asks only for milk and cereal, much more than expected: 2 bags full of groceries, 2 gallons of milk, and 2 boxes of cereal. 

Recently, the Edward Boss Prado Foundation had their 2nd, “Gate to Gate Food Giveaway” to families selected through Morgan Hill unified school district. And Tuesdays at Cecelia’s Closet and Food Pantry The families that come… there are so many families…so many organizations and volunteers… so many local donors and supporters. 

Edward Boss Prado Foundation

From their website: “As a child, Edward was a good neighbor. He was sensitive to the needs of others and quick to offer help. For example, as a child he noticed that a young boy often came to school hungry and without a lunch so he asked his mother to prepare an extra lunch bag for this youngster.

The mission of the Edward Boss Prado Foundation is to work with relentless passion to empower people who are in need with resources that foster dignity and respect.”

If you would like to support the Edward Boss Prado Foundation, please visit their website. It is very easy to do – CLICK HERE

Please visit the Edward Boss Prado Foundation Facebook page for updates. Make sure to LIKE it while you’re there! 

And if you ever find yourself stranded on the side of the road or need help with your car, you can find Ponzini’s Community Garage and Towing on Facebook


“The Edward Boss Prado Foundation is built on Edward’s values of generosity, sensitivity, and of good neighbors.”