Amethyst Ring - Eichhorn's Colorful Jewelry Available in Morgan Hill

Diamonds, Amethyst and Colored Gemstone Jewelry

Diamonds Plus Colorful Gems Equal Stunning Jewelry Eichhorn is a family owned and operated jewelry design and manufacturing company. And what colorful designs the have! They are extremely hands-on and personally choose each gem used in their designs. As they travel the world looking for exotic colors and inspiration for their designs, they rely on […]

Diamond Engagement Ring by Gabriel - Morgan Hill

Engagement Jewelry Designs Gabriel & Co.

Gabriel & Co.Engagement Designs… And More From Modern Jeweler to Modern Bride, Gabriel and Co. designs are featured in leading magazines across the country. Gabriel & Co. was established in 1989 and is proud to maintain its reputation as an independent jewelry designer and manufacturer in New York City. With their small, talented and dedicated […]